Magic Translate

Translating React applications has never been easier / faster / cheaper.

const MyApp = () => (
This sentence
will be translated 🤯

Advantages on a glance

Low price

Save money on translation services with Magic Translate. Our pricing is significantly lower compared to other solutions in the market.

Faster deployment

Effortlessly update your content with Magic Translate. Simply update the text in one language, and your software will be ready for release – no need to wait for translation.

Low maintanance

Refactoring translated code has never been easier. Simply move code as desired without the need to update translation keys.

Getting started

It will literally take you less than 5 minutes to get started with Magic Translate.

  1. Create Magic Translate Account
  2. Get your API key
  3. Integrate the Magic Translate client in your React application

To learn more, please read the docs.

Pricing Plans

Start building for free and upgrade as you grow.


Perfect for side projects or hobbyists. Limited to 5 thousand characters per month. No credit card required.



Starter pack of Magic Translate for small companies and personal projects. Includes translation of 100k characters each month.



The Scale pack of Magic Translate is best suited for mid-sized to large companies. Includes translation of 1M characters each month.



For applications with high volume usage or custom requirements. Please contact us for a custom quote.